Bandon Lighthouse Tour

The Bandon Lighthouse is just on the other side of the Coquille River from the Beach Shack. So you have a great view of the lighthouse, but you’ll need to drive south through town to the State Park to visit. It is worth a glance for sure because of its history and beauty. It is an icon in the area.

While you are there check out Bullards State Beach which stretches out to the north of the lighthouse.  There is always lots of driftwood and crazy surf.

There are lots of other lighthouses up and down the coast. If you know of any good ones to visit, please post a comment below.


Shore Acres

This is an amazing State Park just north of Bandon and south of Coos Bay.  Here is a link to the website. The property has the most amazing gardens and cliff vistas of the ocean.  If you are there around Christmas time, it’s turns into a “must visit” location as they decorate the gardens with an incredible light display.




I haven’t been brave enough to handle the 55F water.  However there was one spot called Sunset Beach which is located in State Park area just beyond Shore Acres.  It looks like a pretty good location to catch a swell in a somewhat protected area with a sandy beach finish.  It would be a fun day trip with the family and a chance to catch a swell if you are motivated.

Charter Fishing

Located on the dock in Old Town Bandon is Prowler Charters.  They include all types of fishing charters from halibut, tuna, bottom fishing and river trips.  Check out their site at Prowler Fishing Charters.

Wine Tasting

On your drive to Bandon from the I-5 you will pass quite a few vineyards off the 42 which offer wine tasting.  Take your time coming into Bandon or make it a day trip. We’re usually in a hurry to be done driving and be at the Beach Shack, so we haven’t taken the time to stop.  However in Old Town Bandon, Nancy, runs a great little wine tasting event in her shop across from Bandon Coffee Cafe. She is a kick to talk to and seems to know about everyone in Bandon. And ironically, Tiffany’s Drug also offers wine tastings pretty regularly.

Movie Rentals

While not technically an excursion, snuggling up to a great movie or two is a great option, especially on a rainy day.  Bandon Video just south on the 101 has a good selection and it’s quick to setup an account with a license and credit card.  Recently we also discovered that the new library on 11th Street has a great video selection as well.  The lady working there boasted that this library is one of the best when it comes to movies.  The best part is that they are free; just sign-up for a library card.

Cape Blanco State Park & Lighthouse (Port Orford)

We’ve heard great things about this smaller beach town located about 30 minutes south of Bandon.  It has a single theater movie venue if you want a date night. We haven’t spent that much time in town but the State Park is unbelievably beautiful, one of our very favorite places to explore. Lots of hikes and amazing views. The lighthouse is still a working lighthouse and the tour is worth taking. It is $2 per person over 16, under 16 is free. Another great tip is that there is a house that sells honey and fresh eggs on the main road to and from the state park (the one you turn on off the 101). A honey tasting is always worth a stop in my book.


This hardwood originated in the Holy Lands, but for some reason it is prolific in a hundred mile radius around this part of the Oregon Coast. It is beautiful and unique. We have been in many Myrtlewood stores and Zumwalt’s is our favorite. They do custom work that is incredibly beautiful and of excellent quality. If you are in the market or simply interested in perusing, you can visit their place. They are located 6 miles south of Bandon on the 101. For more information, www.zumwaltsmyrtlewood.com.

Summer Blueberry Picking

This has been a recent discovery and a delicious one. Common Ground Farms has blueberries to pick or to buy (along with other seasonal veggies). This place is fabulous. The berries are a small but very sweet heirloom variety. Picking runs June through September. This may change, but they are open Wednesday through Saturday 9-5. They are located south of Bandon on the 101, about 9 miles down, in Langlois.

Summer Farmer’s Market

I am not sure of the exact months, but I know it is strictly in the summer. If you check out the daily Coffee Break, it will have the information. It is in old town Bandon, right next door to Nancy’s wine tasting spot in town. It opens at 10am and if you want to purchase something you MUST be there right when it opens or you will miss out. Technically, it is open until 1pm, but by noon (or even earlier) very little is left. So get there early enough to get in line.

Coffee Break

This is a small town and one of the things that proves it is the daily Coffee Break that is published. You can find it everywhere, every store will have a stack of them. It has rentals and lost pets and yard sale ads and all the practicalities, but it is also a gem full of lots of things we would otherwise miss. It is worth a daily look. This is where we found out about the Farmer’s Market and the blueberry picking at Common Ground Farms. So take a look and see what new and wonderful thing you get introduced to. Make sure to share it with us if you come across an amazing find!


Just north of Bandon off Seven Devils Road is Charleston.  A while back the fishing fleet moved from Bandon to Charleston so this place is more busy with boats and commercial fishing related activity.  It’s worth a mention because if the crabbing is not too good in Bandon due to recent rains, it can still be good in Charleston.  This is because the harbor in Charleston does not have a river to wash the crabs out after a storm.

Walk Through Safari

Seriously, don’t miss this.  Bandon is home to an actual walk through safari where you have a chance to encounter amazing animals in an up close and personal way.

Link to the Game Park Safari website where you can find their hours and admission pricing.  The location is about 5 miles south of town on your right; you can’t miss it.

When is the last time your family got to feed a white Siberian tiger?  Glad it’s still only bottle feeding!


How about petting a black leopard?


Your visit would not be complete without holding the cross-eyed possum.


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