Beach Combing

tide pools and starfish at low tideLow Tide

You’ll want to consult the tide chart to find out the low tides.  The tides fluctuate twice during a day but only the lowest is considers the “low tide.”  The low tide is definitely the best time to explore the beach.  Below you can see all the starfish and tide pool activity during a low tide.

Collecting Rocks

It becomes an addiction.  It’s difficult to walk along the beach and not want to pick up and admire some of the amazing rocks, shells, agates and petrified wood.  The best time to go is of course at low tide, but you’ll have no problem finding beautiful rocks and driftwood anytime.


Caves at 11th Streetseacaves2

When the tide lets out, you can explore a small network of sea caves which are typically covered with water.  This is a great adventure for the kids young and old.  It is about a 20 minute walk south on the beach from the house, or you can drive to the parking lot at 11th Street and walk down the stairs.  We like to hike down with snacks or lunch and spend some time exploring at low tide.

Big Surf, Be Careful

The beach at Bandon can become an angry monster during a storm.  Be careful about sneaker waves which are large waves which can seem to come out of nowhere.  Also be aware that storms bring in a lot of drift wood and you don’t want to tangle up with a tree trunk in the surf.

You’ll also want to check out the driftwood forts.

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