Good Eats

Bandon has a great collection of owner run restaurants which will definitely impress your palate and also provide a great experience.

Two Loons Cafe is a family favorite, especially for breakfast.  They used to be located in Old Town, but then moved to a location off the 101.  If you are headed south on the 101 from our house, it is one block to the left. They have the best scones or scotch eggs and best hot chocolate in town.

The Chowder House and Tony’s Crab Shack are the two best fish joints in town. At the Chowder House, the fish and chips (halibut) is to die for. Tony’s has an amazing selection. If you go crabbing and come up short, Tony’s is the place to satisfy your crab craving.

The Alloro Wine Bar is an amazing place for a splurge. They serve wonderful wines, have amazing appetizers and decadent desserts.

There are always new gigs in town. Most recently we discovered Charley’s Bar B Q on the 101. It is very yummy, but the portions aren’t huge.

The Minute Cafe is great if you are craving a greasy spoon breakfast. Family favorites include the biscuits and gravy with hash-browns and Hank’s Delight. It has a huge breakfast menu.

El Jalapeno’s, a little south on the 101, is the only decent Mexican food in or out of town. We love the chili rellenos and the chili verde plates. It is a great place for good eats.

We have a book at the Beach Shack with a collection of menus and recommendations.



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